The future is here, and the IoT will profoundly change the world.
    The IoT is currently the most "revolutionary" technology. When the IoT completes the "AI+IoT" and "digital" transformation of the existing world, it will bring huge "efficiency" benefits to our economy and life.
    The transformed intelligent connected equipment will reach a trillion-level scale, and each node will be able to collect and generate data, and mankind will enter a brand-new digital era. The IoT is based on data collection and complex algorithms, gains insights from numbers, and integrates with decision-making to "Efficient World " and create tremendous value.

Life Technology

    Life Technology is a science that studies the phenomenon, essence and law of life, as well as the relationship between various organisms and between organisms and the environment.

    We are in the golden age of life Technology. The science and technology of exploring life are changing with each passing day and iterating rapidly. All kinds of "subversive innovation" will hopefully bring revolutionary changes to life and health, especially the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

    Apply science and technology to the field of life and health, study and explore the microstructure and operation law of life, so as to digitize life and digital health, realize personalized health management and precision medicine, and "make life healthier".