About us

  • Founded in 2015, Sincere VC focuses on the Internet of things (semiconductors, sensors, etc.) and Life Technology (innovative drugs, medical devices, etc.). We are a professional hard technology direct investment institution and in-depth research driven sniper. We adhere to the trunk investment strategy, emphasizing probability over odds.

  • Our investment & research teams have industrial resources and genes, and have direct investment experience in hard technology for an average of more than 15 years. With in-depth research and deep understanding of China's gradual reform, scientific and technological real economy and capital market, we look for structural investment opportunities and actively carry out long-term value investment in the process of China's economic transformation to high-quality development. Since the establishment of the company, all portfolios have not missed the target and practiced the sniper's stable, accurate and precise investment style.
  • Sincere VC, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai Government jointly initiated the establishment of a non-profit legal person“Shanghai North Bund Financial Institute (NBFI)”,Carry out buyer research in hard technology industry and hold regular meetings“North Bund Hard-tech Conference”,The event is an open platform for in-depth communication and collision among founders, engineers and professional investors and innovation enterprises.


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