Technology build the country and industry prosper the country. In order to promote finance to truly support the real economy, promote the transformation of China's economy from high-speed growth to innovation driven high-quality development stage, and closely integrate financial research with market practice, we founded Sincere VC.
The main feature of China's economy is "emerging + transformation", especially the "transformation" of large economies. Hard technology real economy is the point and hope of China's economy in the future. We improve the efficiency and quality of China's economic transformation and upgrading by investing in scientific and technological innovation and hard technology enterprises.
The only reason for the existence of Sincere VC is to find scientific & technological innovation enterprises and excellent entrepreneurs with real scientific & technological innovation ability and hard science and technology gene, and firmly and continuously support them. Adhering to "real investment", cultivating a number of excellent hard science & technology enterprises for Chinapromoting the transformation of China's economy to high-quality development are the main ways for investment institutions to work for the country.