Why hard technology?
  • Actively developing the hard technology real economy and establishing the national science and technology force is the main way for China's economic transformation to the high-quality development stage driven by innovation. In this process, there will be a lot of valuable investment opportunities. Hard technology direct investment is a typical long-term investment and "real investment"; However, the threshold of hard technology investment is high, which is only suitable for a few professionals. Pure business model innovation has been unsustainable, and the hard science and technology entity economy with real scientific and technological innovation ability is ushering in spring.

How to invest?
  • Our investment and research team is not only experienced in science and technology investment, but also has industrial background and gene. Through in-depth independent research, we adhere to the ability boundary, adhere to long-term cultivation, adopt trunk investment strategy in the field of Internet of things and life technology, select "familiar field" + "familiar team", and form a stable, accurate and refined sniper investment style.

Be with entrepreneurs
  • The only reason for the existence of Sincere VC is to find excellent engineers and entrepreneurs, select innovation enterprises with technical barriers and hard science and technology genes, support them and contribute value to the national strategic scientific & technological forces.